Finding your perfectly-fit job should not be rocket science, especially for the new job seekers.

There are lots of articles that explain how to write a killer technical resume, I will focus here on the tools that could help you build your resume, audit it, and automate the job-searching-process.

Create a Resume

If you are using Microsoft Word for creating your resume, I can’t judge you (I used to use HTML and CSS for mine), but come on… there are hundreds of tools online to finish this task for you already with great results, and here is some:

If you already have a…

Optional Chaining is a new JavaScript API that will make developers’ lives easier :D. Optional Chaining is currently at Stage 3, and soon enough will be part of the language itself, but we can use it, today.

In this article, I brief what is Optional Chaining, and why it's a game-changer. I will also try to guide you on how to configure it and use it. Let's get started.

Optional Chaining

If you already know what is Optional Chaining, you can skip the overview section, and head to the Configuration section.

Suppose you have a user, and you want to get its…

In how CSS works in depth

CSS might be a total mystery to you or a topic that’s near and dear to your heart. Whether you think of CSS as a “necessary evil” or think of it as topic dear to your heart, CSS is how things end up looking as you want them on screen, so a deep knowledge of CSS can be the difference between creating beautiful and polished web application with ease, and the one that struggling to align items together.

In this article I try to focus on a few key areas off CSS, through five problems and there answer, hoping to…

A collection of examples of how to push the CSS to its limits

It’s all about CSS. All authors here either forgot to use JavaScript or they had disabled it in their browser and can not enable it back again; so they had to finish the job using only pure CSS.

Cube Pack

I thought those cubes are a 3D work, but as the author said “ he forgot to use THREE.js” and it’s all pure CSS.

ِAnimated Cube Pack

What I really like here is how cubes cast shadows and reflect light, made it feels like they are really floating and rotate.

Pure-CSS Francine

Yes, it’s not an oil painting. it’s a completely pure CSS art.

Taming the wild side of CSS

CSS has dozens of length units, but the percentage unit is one of my favorites. However, it can be very evil and troublesome sometimes.

It should be one of the easiest CSS concepts to understand, the percentage CSS data type represents a percentage value, a percentage is a ratio expressed as a fraction of 100, so it has to do some calculations to get the final computed(absolute) value.

Until now it seems straightforward, the most tricky part is that every percentage value has to be relative to some absolute value of an element. It is often relative to an element’s…

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